Top 10 Power Plant Technology companies in APAC – 2020
JERA: Ushering in a New Era of Energy

Top 10 Power Plant Technology companies in APAC – 2020

Digitalization has had a positive impact in almost every sector and the power plant arena is no exception. With the increasing demand for electricity and renewable energy, utilities around the world are leveraging digital technologies to enhance efficiency and optimize production. The digital power plant—where data meets the physical world and where new opportunities are unlocked for the customer—is not science fiction anymore. It is already here and is bringing excessive benefits to operators around the world. The digital power plant of the future is based on a common, open-source platform to facilitate collaboration between people and partners and deliver massive benefits to customers.

Until recently, power plants operated with a steady, unwavering output. Today’s needs, however, require plants to work with varying levels of on-demand flexibility. This is where internet of things (IoT) is playing its part. An IoT system improves operational efficiency by centralizing all of the operations—from the combustion process to the emission control systems—and automating them. Plant operators will now be able to make high-level decisions that affect all parts of the operation accordingly. In reacting quickly to power demands and eliminating unnecessary energy expenditure, plants will be able to experience tangible cost savings.

By giving power companies the ability to monitor and act upon developments across the grid and within their systems in real-time, AI helps power producers gain efficiency across multiple facets of their operations, from preventive plant maintenance to fuel use decisions and beyond. Besides, AI allows utility companies to manage their generation assets more efficiently, reliably, and flexibly in response to supply and demand fluctuations from distributed generation. These same AI and machine learning tools also help power companies make sounder, faster, data-driven decisions about when to operate plants to meet spikes in demand, and where to route power around problem areas.

Power generators, in fact, are developing AI algorithms based on industry intelligence to predict the probability of failure. These algorithms take into account industry-wide early failure rates for equipment, creating a richer understanding of premature failure risks for enhanced asset maintenance, workflow, and portfolio management. Instead of relying on time-intensive and risky manual inspections, power companies can use autonomous robots and drones trained on these deep-learning algorithms, along with sensors, to automatically identify defects and predict failures without interrupting operations.

At this juncture, there is a wide variety of solutions providers entering the industry with advanced and integrated smart power plant technologies. To help companies navigate through the best-of-breed solution providers, Energy CIO Insights has compiled a list of ‘Top 10 Power Plant Technology companies in APAC – 2020.’ The enlisted organizations are transforming power plant operations and processes at the convergence of several disruptive technologies. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for the aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Energy CIO Insights’, “Top 10 Power Plant Technology companies in APAC – 2020.”

    Top Power Plant Technology companies in APAC

  • ATS


    Applied Technical Systems (ATS) offers a wide range of products and solutions that can be customized to address client’s needs for data acquisition, data storage, and data processing used for system control and forecasting. The company’s Historical Information System (SmartHIS) is specially designed to store all data gathered from the operation of the system, which is created continuously with time. The use of intelligent algorithms to analyze these data can help operators to optimize the operation of the system while ensuring system security. Further, ATS has played an active role in such development, offering solutions including PV SCADA and Power Plant Control, power generation forecast, fault diagnosis, and maintenance prediction

  • JERA has become the world’s biggest buyer of LNG, and it has assumed control of parent companies’ fossil fuel power stations, Today, JERA is Japan’s largest power generation firm, with a total output of approximately 67 million kW. JERA inherits a 70-year track record in providing stable power in Japan. It focuses on the development of new energy upstream investments, the integration of the process for new fuel procurement, and the creation of processes for the development of new thermal power plants and the scrap and build of obsolete thermal power plants both domestically in Japan and internationally

  • Powerflo Solutions, a Control Valve Engineering Company headquartered in New South Wales, Australia, has brought a radical change to the industry with its advanced control valves that are uniquely built to withstand cavitation. Powerflo brings to bear its deep understanding and expertise of the local market to comprehend the needs of a particular industry in the specific region. The company also serves as an assistant to its clients by providing the knowledge of the fundamentals of sizing and selection of suitable valve designs. A well-rounded approach to control valve design helps in eliminating premature failure and enabling the valves to support the challenging applications of the power plant industry today.

  • SwitchDin gives energy companies - network operators, electricity retailers and integrated utilities - the tools they need to securely integrate and manage diverse mixes of small-scale distributed energy resources (DERs) to optimise system-wide outcomes for everyone. They do this by working with players across the energy sector, with clients and partners that include not only utilities, but also equipment manufacturers, solar installers and energy end-users themselves. SwitchDin is on the frontlines of an energy revolution, working with key players across the sector on cutting-edge projects around the country - and an expanding reach around the world.

  • The systems, products and services developed by Thermax help industries achieve better resource productivity and improve bottom lines, while maintaining a cleaner environment. Its business portfolio includes products for heating, cooling, water and waste management, and specialty chemicals. The company also designs, builds and commissions large boilers for steam and power generation, turnkey power plants, industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants, waste heat recovery systems and air pollution control projects. Their presence spans 88 countries and supports customers through an extensive sales & service network spread over Asia, South East Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and the Americas.

  • APR Energy

    APR Energy

    APR Energy is the world’s leading provider of specialized fast power solutions and has installed nearly 5GW of power capacity across more than 35 countries. The company's fast, flexible and full-service solutions provide customers with rapid access to reliable electricity when, where, and for as long as they need it. Combining fuel-efficient technology with industry-leading expertise, APR Enegy's mobile and scalable turnkey plants helps to enhance power infrastructure, foster economic growth and improve overall quality of life in both developed and developing markets around the world

  • BMJ


    PT. Berkat Manunggal Jaya ( BMJ ) is a company with years of experience in Power Generation Business. Being one of Indonesia's leading companies, BMJ team once earned the honorable "Citation of Award " by MTU - Friedrichshafen as the best sales growing company in Asia Pacific Region back in 2002. After given the Exclusive Distributor of Mitsubishi Engines and MGS Generator Sets for Indonesia in 2003, BMJ has been showing considerable performance by among others by achieving the MGS Top Sales Word Wide Award from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for three years in a row in 2009, 2010 and 2011

  • E.ON


    E.ON is an international energy company headquartered in Essen. With intelligent energy networks and innovative customer solutions, E.ON is focused on the new energy world - and on improving people's lives. The company helps their customers to become more efficient and climate-friendly



    ENERGYEN, founded in 1995, is a specialized company with differentiated product competitiveness that produces the components of Oil & Gas as well as power-generating equipment for global companies. The copmany was awarded for export achievement of 30 million dollars in 2009 while moving forward as a superb company by implementing cutting-edge technologies.

  • Korindo Energy

    Korindo Energy

    Korindo Energy, with its vast experience and technical expertise is a trusted total life-cycle engine solutions partner. It was established with a sole purpose of being a global market leader in engine solutions for marine and engine sector. Korindo Energy cooperates with the biggest engine manufacturers in the world, authorized to serve existing customers and to create new opportunities for them.